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About Christian Pre-School

at Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church

Who Are We
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Christian Pre-School has a long history in the Rivertown's from its opening in 1975 until the present. We are proud to be preparing children for their individual educational journeys and sharing with them the love of God. Christian Pre-School provides a strong foundation for children ages 2-4 to explore play, social interactions, and assist in the preparation for their future.


We at Christian Pre-School continue to change and evolve as the world changes and evolves around us.

The only thing that doesn’t change is God’s love for all of us and for this we give sincere thanks!


Read what some of our families have said about our school. We can provide references if you'd like to speak to a family while you consider our preschool for your child. 

"The teachers and staff always made me feel reassured. My son truly felt like this was a second home for him and looked forward to seeing his school family each day."

- Sue Fernandez, Parent 2008-2010

Meet Our Staff

Our staff at Christian Pre-School is a caring and qualified team of educators. Each has shown dedication and support for our school, families, and community. We are grateful for their devotion and look forward to you getting to know each of them as your children and family grows with us. 

Caroline Farrington, Director

Minnie Minieri, Administrative Assistant/Substitute

Laurie Carozza, Teacher, 4-year-old's

Ginger Serendinsky, Teacher, 4-year old's

Seva Constantine, Teacher, 3-year-old's

Ariana Broa, Teacher, 2-year-old's

Gina Cunniffe, Teacher, 2-year-old's

Cathy Volpicelli, Teaching Assistant, 4-year-old's

Yedi Francisco, Teaching Assistant, 4-year-old's

Dananicole Bucci, Teaching Assistant, 3-year-old's 


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