The Christian Pre-School offers children ages 2-5 an opportunity to learn and grow in a community setting. 

Visit the Christian Pre-School Website. 

Social Skills

Children learn how to cooperate with others and engage in social settings. Play is an important part of how children learn. Our facilities offers many ways children can play both indoors and outdoors. 


Through art, stories, and imagination,teachers encourage children to express themselves in many ways. They can hear stories which broaden listening skills and visualization; develop confidence in creating artwork to be proud of while developing motor skills; and so much more.

Strong Foundation
At age appropriate intervals, children are provided with instruction in the foundation they need before entering school With a balanced approach, letters, numbers, and love for learning are introduced. 



Regular opportunities exist for children and youth to learn about the teachings from the Bible. 

Sunday School - 
9:15 a.m. for Children and Adults

Sunday School is open to all children ages 3 and up most Sundays from September through June at 9:15 am. Lessons are age appropriate in a group setting.  Please review online to check if there is Sunday School. Days vary throughout the year due to holidays.

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